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Dentistry helps cure various dental disorders and revamp your smile. If you have damaged or missing teeth, you should go for crown and bridge dentistry. Roseland Dental has dental professionals who study and analyze your dental and medical history and then come up with the optimal treatment choice for you.

If you’re missing one or more teeth, then you need a bridge to cover the space. Both crown and bridge restorations are toughened into teeth to fasten them just like a natural tooth, and this is known as fixed dentistry. Tooth shape and size are customized and prepared with the help of special appliances. A tooth preparation replica is engineered inside your mouth after which a crown is bonded over the same. The fixation of a tooth is vital for its resistance from decaying and permanence.

Dental Crowns and Bridges Assist in Revamping your Smile

  • Dental crowns and bridges are effective when you have tooth decay or gum disease that makes your teeth unusable or unstable.
  • It helps maintain the aesthetic value of your mouth and face.
  • Even if your tooth is decayed almost, crown and bridge dentistry will help restore your tooth.
  • Dental bridges help enhance your appearance and also keep the other teeth in position.

How We Help Cure Your Damaged Teeth?

  • Our crown expert restores the decayed tooth to its natural form to perform normally.
  • We use bridges to help cover the gaps between your teeth.
  • If you possess a tooth filling that is discolored, we will insert a crown to conceal the discoloration.
  • Our dental professionals offer a cure for your damaged and decayed teeth to help change them into healthy-looking teeth.

A dental crown fully or partially covers the exterior of the natural tooth. The tooth is shaved down to allow room for the crown. The design depends on the crown material that is used. It also depends on previous fillings, root canals, or fractures. A partial crown is utilized to cover tooth cusps. This helps preserve your tooth structure as much as possible.

As a patient, you need to have faith in your dentist before assessment of your dental structure, which leads to good cooperation during the treatment. We have a relaxed environment, and our dentists ensure you get a complete solution to various types of tooth damages and decays.

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