Root Canals

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Root Canal Treatment in Toronto

An injured or diseased nerve used to indicate that you are likely to lose your tooth. However, this is not the case anymore as a result of root canal therapy. This procedure requires you to visit the dentist 3 times but the process is smooth that you will experience less to no discomfort. Our dentists at Roseland Dental help retain your tooth and save your beautiful smile with root canal treatment in Toronto.
Every tooth has pulp that provides nerves and nutrients to your tooth. This pulp attaches with the root and the pulp tissue expires if it is injured or diseased. If you choose not to act upon it, then it will get infected resulting in the loss of a tooth. Root canal treatment will save the damaged pulp. The dentist will take out the damaged pulp, restyle the canal, close it for guard and make your tooth stronger by installing a crown.

Root Canal Therapy – An Efficient Way of Saving Your Infected Tooth

Our Root Canal Therapy Procedure

You have only one option other than root canal treatment. You can get your tooth extracted. This is a much cheaper process but it will leave you with a lost tooth. The teeth that surround the lost tooth area will shift into uneven positions that will result in bad bites. So this makes it essential for an implant or a bridge which is more costly compared to root canal therapy. It is recommended that you opt for root canal therapy to retain your natural teeth. Our dentist will let you know if there is any requirement for additional procedures. After treatment, you will be prescribed an antibiotic to avoid infection in the future.


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